3 Reasons to Buy a Home in This Market

There are three special conditions in our market that buyers should know.

Why is now a great time to buy a home? Interest rates are very low, which allows you to buy more home for less money. Since interest rates are very unpredictable, we can’t say with certainty what they’ll look like in the future, but we do know they’re remarkable right now. We’re also not seeing the crazy multiple-offer scenarios that characterized our market just a short while ago, which means getting into the home you love will be easier. Lastly, rents only have one way to go, and that’s up; why pay 100% interest on your rent to your landlord when you could be using that money to build equity in your home?  

If you have questions about how to navigate our market as a buyer or want to discuss anything regarding your personal real estate goals, reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you!

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