Home Tour 101: What to Expect on Your First Walkthrough

Be prepared and have an idea of what to expect during a home walkthrough.

Doing your first walkthrough of a home can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. That's why I'm here to offer you a general idea of what to expect when you explore the house that caught your interest. In order to assist you in determining whether this is the ideal house for you, I will also provide you with some tips on what important questions to ask and factors to consider.

When stepping into a new home, feel free to explore every nook and cranny, from opening drawers to peeking inside cabinets, to get a good understanding of the property. While it might feel awkward at first, just remember that you’re going to be living in the space, and it would be good for you to know the house before you buy it.

Next, know which appliances and furniture come with the house. Clients often ask whether the refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc. are included when buying the house. While most appliances are typically included, it is always best to double-check the listing remarks for confirmation.

Make sure you focus on what matters most to you. It can be easy to be overwhelmed during your first visit, so be ready with a list of things that matter most to you, like garbage disposal or specific furniture placement. Addressing your priorities ensures that you are making informed decisions.

"Focus on what matters most to you."

Information about the history of remodels or renovations in a home may not be readily available, but it would be helpful to list them beforehand and send them to your agent so they can find out the details and give you a clear and transparent answer.

Sometimes, a room is staged differently from what is usually listed. For example, a home listed with three bedrooms may have one of the rooms staged as an office. While it is decorated as an office for staging purposes, it is still technically a bedroom. This is to show functionality for the space.

Safety is important during home tours, especially for families with children. It is not advisable to jump on staged furniture like the bed because sometimes they use faux mattresses, which might cause accidents.

By the end of the tour, I encourage clients to envision themselves in the space, assessing how it feels beyond meeting their criteria. The most important thing when looking for a home is the feeling of comfort and peace in the space.

If you are interested in going on a home walkthrough or have any questions about the process, I am always happy to help. You can call me or send me an email anytime, and we’ll work something out.

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