Q: Why Should Every Buyer Order an Inspection?

Here’s why a home inspection is your invaluable right as a homebuyer.

Obtaining a full home inspection is one of the most critical steps in determining whether it’s in your best interest as a homebuyer to proceed with a purchase. In a sense, the health of a home is similar to the health of a human body; it can appear one way from the surface, but there are so many intricacies that lie beneath. Would you ever choose to have an operation without knowing exactly what was being operated on? Of course not! The same principle applies to buying a home.

People often ask about the cost of a home inspection, but costs can vary depending on the inspector chosen, the size and age of the home, and whether there are any outbuildings to inspect as well. Generally speaking, though, an inspection can cost around a few hundred dollars, but a great agent should be able to make this up for you during the inspection negotiations—if not hundreds or even thousands of dollars more in the form of purchase price reductions or repairs. 

"A home can appear one way from the surface, but there are many intricacies that lie beneath."

A home inspection is also a buyer’s opportunity to walk away from a purchase and get their earnest money back if the house is too fraught with issues or its seller is unwilling to make the necessary repairs. Many people think home inspections are only worthwhile if you’re looking at an older home, but here’s the reality: Every type of home, condominium, and new construction property can have serious issues, so you need to protect yourself. 

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