The Economics of Growing a Business

Learn the basics of business expansion, which is essential for real estate agents who fall under the role of business owners.

It's an undeniable fact, especially for those in the industry of real estate and small enterprise, that real estate licensing classes offer negligible knowledge about managing a business. Hence, the focus turns towards understanding the economic underpinnings of business expansion.

According to economic theory, the two predominant factors influencing a business's profitability are labor (the workforce of your organization) and capital (the investment you make in your business).

Relying solely on the vacillations in the market and an ever-increasing clientele can only lead to a certain level of profitability. Every business inevitably hits a plateau. At this critical juncture, two important elements, labor and capital, help to elevate the business to the next level.

An exciting proposal comes in the form of providing labor and capital from the very beginning, ensuring consistent growth and expansion. The labor provided is an operations team that operates diligently from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week, offering a comprehensive list of services. These include providing assistance for showings, so clients can view multiple property options without wasting time and energy on travel. An expert team will groom your listings for the market, write your offers for you, and even provide an astute marketing professional to create and manage social media content. This includes custom-made videos, like the videos we are frequently posting.

Bringing innovation to the table, the services also extend to a software engineer dedicated to creating state-of-the-art technological tools to better leverage your time. To further capitalize on your success, a full-time coach is assigned with the sole purpose of positively impacting and improving your business.

This brings us to the other crucial aspect: capital. The capital investment covers everything from listing costs, professionally designed business cards, informative buyer guides, to insightful seller guides. More money is invested into Zillow than any other team in the region, all in an effort to support you.

This level of support and infrastructure would ordinarily take a decade and a few million dollars to build, not to mention countless sleepless nights. Instead, it can all be handed over to you without any inherent risk, monthly fees, or desk fees. The objective is a win-win for all involved.

There's no reason to wait for your business to become stagnant before elevating it. You can start boosting your profitability as soon as next week. The main reason many talented individuals exit the real estate industry is they remain with a brokerage structure that doesn't serve their needs. It's time to find a brokerage that acts as a business partner instead of just a place to hang your license, and charging fees without providing any additional value. At Every Door Real Estate, we take pride in investing in our brokers so they can succeed because after all a rising tide lifts all boats. 

If you have questions about how to cultivate your real estate business as a broker or anything else, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!

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