Top Dollar vs. Convenience: What Is Your Home-Selling Priority?

This is when selling off-market may be advantageous for a homeowner.

Today, I’m here to discuss selling your home off-market. There's a common misconception that selling your home off-market means you'll receive fair market value in cash with no contingencies. Unfortunately, that's not always the reality. Let's break this down between homes that are ready to go and those needing some work.

"If your home requires remodeling or has significant issues, an off-market cash offer may be beneficial."

If your home is remodeled, updated, and move-in ready, it's usually to your advantage to put it on the open market and let potential buyers determine its worth. This approach often yields more money, even after factoring in agent commissions. On the other hand, if your home requires remodeling or has significant issues, an off-market cash offer may be beneficial. Sellers typically fall into two categories: those seeking top dollar and those prioritizing ease and convenience.

If getting top dollar is your goal, putting your home on the open market is likely the best option. Buyers, whether investors or regular homebuyers, typically expect discounts for off-market properties. However, if ease and convenience are your priorities, an off-market offer allows you to sell your home as-is with no repairs, keep personal items you don't wish to move, avoid agent commissions, and sell on your preferred timeline. It might even provide some upfront cash to help with the transition to a new home. The downside is that you may not get the top market value for your home.

When meeting with sellers, I always inquire about their goals. Based on that, I provide them with an estimate of what they would likely get in each scenario. Armed with this information, sellers can decide which direction aligns better with their needs and objectives.

Whether you're considering selling your home on or off-market, feel free to call or email me. I can provide the necessary numbers and guidance to help you make an informed decision. I look forward to hearing from you.

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