Your 'Aunt Sally' May Not Be the Best Person for the Job

If you choose to hire a friend or family member to assist you in a real estate transaction, you might be making a huge mistake.

Many of you out there have friends and family members with real estate licenses. However, just because someone is licensed doesn’t mean that they are the best person for you to work with. At the very least, you should interview several different agents and find out about their business. Buying a home, especially, is a huge decision and working with the right person could save you thousands. It could also get you thousands more on your home sale.

This doesn’t mean that everyone you know who is an agent is bad at their job. They may be the perfect fit. Either way, doing your research is important. As a buyer, you can make every mistake in the book—from overpaying to writing a bad offer. A good agent helps protect you from this. As a seller, your home can get under-marketed and priced incorrectly, causing it to sit on the market for longer than it should.

Thinking about it this way. If you had $100,000 to invest, are you going to go down the street and invest in someone who hasn’t proven themselves? No. You’ll go with someone who has a track record of succeeding in the business.

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