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  • Wallingford (Northwest Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Wallingford (Northwest Seattle)

    Wallingford, a central yet very cozy neighborhood named from a wealthy landowner who once owned most of the land between Green Lake and Lake Union, is something to be truly experienced. With its unique Craftsman-style homes, quirky local merchants, and tasty eateries like Dick’s Burgers, Tilth, and Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, there’s something for everyone. Wallingford has the down-home feel of yesterday mixed with today’s most trendy “hot” spots, and it’s always bustling with activities. Along 45th street you can grab a “dome” pizza from Wallingford Pizza House. Gasworks Park is also a must-see landmark, complete with amazing industrial architecture, a beautiful open grassy area that’s perfect for a BBQ, kite flying or even the place to be for the 4th of July. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the sweeping panoramic view of downtown as seaplanes fly in and out of Lake Union.