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  • Bitter Lake (Northwest Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Bitter Lake (Northwest Seattle)

    While driving several blocks along Aurora Avenue in Seattle you’ll quickly come upon the small neighborhood of Bitter Lake. In fact, if you blink you’ll probably miss it. Although this is one of the smaller neighborhoods in Seattle, it still packs a punch with real character and personal appeal. Bitter Lake is named after the body of water (Bitter Lake) that’s on the north side. This is a dense area with very few wide streets and long sidewalks. This area is usually (and unfortunately) overlooked, but it’s currently seeing a healthy resurgence and becoming more of a hot spot to live thanks to a wide-range of new housing options that include everything from stunning lakefront properties to simple single-story homes. Bitter Lake gives you just the right amount of space to nestle in and put down your roots if you want to become a resident of the great city of Seattle without all the noise and chaos.