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  • Central District (Central Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Central District (Central Seattle)

    Central District sits on the east side of Capitol Hill and is regarded as one of the oldest surviving neighborhoods in Seattle. The central location of Central District (thus the name) puts you right on the edge of some of the biggest business districts in the city: First Hill, Madison Valley and Capitol Hill. This way you’re right next door to the thriving metropolitan life of the city, but also far enough away from a lot of the big-city noise and chaos. Central District was once a community heavily rooted with many diverse cultures that ranged from Asian, Jewish and black communities, but now it’s become full of popular stops like: Union Coffee (to get your coffee buzz on), Uncle Ike’s (hello cannabis!), and Chuck’s Hop Shop (perfect for beer loving guys and gals). While the community is still rich in diversity, it’s also very proud of its culture and art scene as well. The Bon Odori Festival is held every July to celebrate Japanese culture, while other art and craft fairs, and exciting traditional music and dance events also take place on a regular basis. And last but not least is the transformation of Judkins Park. This park was once a ravine that was used as a dump, but now it’s grown into a stunning 6-block stretch of open green areas, bike and walking trails, and even a popular skateboard park.