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  • Columbia City (South Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Columbia City (South Seattle)

    Not too long ago, Columbia City was regarded as that one special neighborhood that was the secret hidden gem that its own residents didn’t want you to know about. With its sloping hills of beautiful homes and must-see townhouses (and a picturesque downtown to match), Columbia City was like Shangri La tucked away in the heart of Rainier Valley. But now the secret is out, and people are buzzing about Columbia City and rightly so. This amazing neighborhood has that cozy residential feel while at the same time, offering amazing food (Geraldine’s Counter), classic theatre (Columbia City Theatre), live music and sudsy brews (The Royal Room) and summer markets to die for. Columbia City still maintains its own small town vibe, while providing both fun, food and entertainment in a beautiful setting that almost anyone who visits will quickly fall in love with.