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  • Georgetown (South Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Georgetown (South Seattle)

    Do you have the desire to be close to downtown Seattle but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag to live there? If you do, then Georgetown is the perfect fit for you. While the Georgetown neighborhood is more geographically disconnected from the rest of the city, it’s still become one of the fastest growing and blossoming neighborhoods in South Seattle. Georgetown has fun places to hang out, a culture that’s quirky and unique, and has its own unique identity. Once you get around the areas of Corson Avenue and Airport Way, you’ll begin to see businesses sprout up that are both funky and fun. Georgetown also has some of the best taverns in the city thanks to 9 Lb. Hammer, Jules Maes Saloon and Emerald City Beer (check out their signature lager called “Dottie”). Looking for a bite to eat? Step in to Two Tartes for a tasty sandwich or Stellar Pizza for homemade pies that will make your taste buds sing in sheer delight. If shopping is more your thing, then be sure to visit Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. Here you’ll find vintage trailers chock full of nostalgic items to the most eccentric, all in one stop. Georgetown is unlike any other neighborhood in Seattle, with its own sense of eclectic magic and personality.