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  • Hillman City (Southeast Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Hillman City (Southeast Seattle)

    Hillman City, while once very stagnant in growth and popularity, is now showing new signs of life and growth. This area can easily be considered Columbia City’s younger sibling since it also hosts some of the most unique and trendy casual eating spots that include: Big Chickie, Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max and coffee microroaster Tin Umbrella. Hillman City has a coworking space and community incubator (aptly called, The Hillman City Collaboratory) which is now breathing new life into this area of Seattle in hopes of sparking even more growth via art, creativity and social changes. While Hillman City has a long way to go to become a more thriving neighborhood, it’s now showing signs of very positive changes for the upcoming future. This makes Hillman City an ideal spot if you want to live in an “up and coming” neighborhood in Seattle before it explodes.