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  • Magnolia (Northwest Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in Magnolia (Northwest Seattle)

    Talk about variety, Magnolia has waterways, a golf course, a military fort, railways, beaches and some of the most all-encompassing views of Seattle all rolled into one amazing neighborhood. Magnolia can be easily considered Seattle’s more lush (and very forested) backyard, complete with thickets of deep green trees that sprawl up the hillside from the water. Since Magnolia is founded on a peninsula, it gives it a unique and very exclusive feel. At first glance you’d think this would limit what was available to you, but don’t be fooled. Magnolia always has something going on, be it a farmer’s market, the free nature walk at Discovery Park (the largest park in Seattle!), the yearly SummerFest celebration, or various community outreach events! While Magnolia may not be the easiest neighborhoods to access, its isolation is part of its unique charm. There’s also no shortage of salons, boutiques, bakeries. Food choices range from Thai, pub food, Mexican, sushi, Italian and unforgettable sandwiches.