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  • South Park (South Seattle)

    Why you'd want to live in South Park (South Seattle)

    South Park isn’t just a comedy cartoon show on TV. It’s a real (and very diverse) neighborhood in the south side of Seattle that’s starting to take off. Now that living costs are rising within the city, people are now flocking to the outskirts of Seattle where living is much more affordable. South Park has a very high Hispanic population and it shows in the food and culture you’ll see within the streets. It’s a haven for wineries as well as breweries including: Lowercase Brewing (which focuses on “Simple, good beer”), Odin Brewing, and Nota Bene Cellars. South Park is a vibrant community with a focus on both Hispanic and Native American heritage. While housing costs are now on the rise due to the influx of more people seeking residence, prices are still very affordable, making South Park an ideal location to live if you’re looking to save money.